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anti-sex worker activist antī seks wərkər aktəvist

Defintion: Based on Christianity's "hate the sin, love the sinner" concept, anti-sex worker activists brand themselves as not opposed to the people they malign and attack, but merely their unacceptable choices.  Anti-sex worker activists express their support of sex workers by lobbying to make their jobs less safe, shutting down the places they work, and making them more fearful of arrest and imprisonment.

Usage: When Bill ran a campaign to shut down a local strip club and put dozens of people out of work, he made sure to always say he was on the side of those workers.  Bill didn't understand why one of them, upon being evicted from her apartment after the success of his campaign, called him an "anti-sex worker activist" rather than thanking him for all his hard work to make her life better.

by Furry Girl


feminist whine-o-sphere femənist (h)wīn ə sfi(ə)r

Defintion: The group of feminists who define themselves through shrill, knee-jerk criticizing of the supposed improperness of others.  Their focus is highly fickle, and quickly shifts to new hot topics in accordance to what's currently most stylish to be angry at within the clique.  Members of the feminist whine-o-sphere act like (or are) freshman college students who just completed their very first political science or women's studies class.  Their preferred mode of "making the world a better place" is to seek out or invent things to feel oppressed by so as to have something to complain about loudly.  The natural habitat of these types is lounging with expensive computers in coffee shops in major first world cities, yet their preferred insults directed at others are accusations of "privilege".

Usage: Jenny lacked the dedication to get involved in activism, so she instead started a blog where she could agree furiously with the latest tizzy in the feminist whine-o-sphere, such as "the pornification of culture", a magazine's cover model being photoshopped, or whatever Dan Savage wrote about this week.

Related: see Stuff White People Like: #101 Being Offended.

(PS: I realize I wasn't the first to use the term "whine-o-sphere", as there are 164 Google results for it, but think I am the first to define it in combination with feminism.)

by Furry Girl


concern boner kənˈsərn bōnər

Defintion: The state of titillation that results from being able to express concerns about a topic, especially a topic where one's stated views are sensationalistic, ill-informed, and/or shallow enough that they cannot be disagreed with by others.

Usage: Sally had a raging concern boner when she was interviewed on television stating her vehement opposition to forcing small children to become sex slaves.

Related terms: see concern troll.

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