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I rarely update my blog now that I am no longer in the jizz biz in any shape or form, but I'm planning to keep it online for now. I am glad that people still find value in some of the content and appreciate the nice emails I receive, and I'd also hate to delete my blog and have my detractors take that a victory. I launched this blog in 2009, making some of the content 7 years old at this point. While I'd love to have the free time to make my blog a dynamic living masterpiece that I can update, expand upon, revise, and improve, my writings are a snapshot of what I was thinking on a particular day. I occasionally receive email or comments on Twitter where someone tries to throw a "gotcha" question in my face which demonstrates their inability to notice the publication date on the post they're currently angry about. Since I was not a time traveler in my younger days (alas!), and since I rarely revise or update a post, my writings do not address things that had not yet happened at the time of the posting. This goes doubly so for the "if only you'd read [new dumb feminist book], you'd think completely differently!" comments. One of the benefits of leaving the sex industry is knowing I'll never again feel obliged to waste my time reading the latest recycled drivel so that I can rebuke it.

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