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Like many other things of major cultural significance - Hooters, War Games, and My Little Pony - I'm turning 30 this year.  As a December baby whose birthday was always overshadowed by Christmas, I now celebrate my momentous occasion for the entire month.  So, happy 30th birthday to me!

I can't say I feel old quite yet.  I definitely haven't "mellowed out" over time, but I have spent less time blogging about sex work related topics.  After a decade in the industry, every "new" debate/issue that comes up feels like a rehash of something that was argued about years ago.  I feel like I've covered every angle of these debates myself, dozens of times, and it gets boring, even though I still feel engaged by a desire to improve life for sex workers everywhere.  At the end of the day, you either believe that humans must be free to make their own choices that fit their individual needs and circumstances, or you believe that people need to be herded like cattle and subjected to violence for moral/ideological noncompliance "for their own good."  (Which is a major source of why I just can't identify with the left as I get older.  Too much of the intellectual foundation of the left is based on an imperialist attitude that "we enlightened" need to "help" and take control of the lives of  "victims"- notably women, especially those in developing countries, whether they want "help" or not.  Mistress Matisse phrased it best in a 2007 blog post when she said, "sometimes help is just the nice word for control."  A chasm almost always exists between genuine solidarity and what outsiders think of as "saving" others.)

I'm still working on career two, a challenging field that combines my interests in both science and helping others (in an effective and constructive way).  I think I'll probably completely retire from the jizz biz in a couple of years, though I plan to keep all of my sites online forever.  I've learned a lot of awesome new things, and every time I'm trusted to do something more skilled or important, it feels like such a big step forward.  My supervisor praises me for being such a meticulous and organized person, which is great, considering that I have no formal training at anything I'm doing.  If you've been an independent sex worker/small business owner, that tenacity and work ethic will carry over into other lines of work, even if you have a radically different skill set to master.  I really believe that successful sex workers are people who have the ability to be successful at anything.  If you can make it work in such a weird and stigmatized industry where so many cards are stacked against you, relying on your own creativity, cunning, and boldness, you can do all sorts of things.

My mate and I are going to Fiji for a scuba diving trip from mid-December to New Years.  I'm really excited to get away from cold rainy Seattle, even though it's during the busy holiday travel season.  (I'm getting accustomed to planning around the fact that most jobs only let you get away with taking significant time off around Christmas.)  I spent a lot of time rounding up the best budget hotels to stay with great reefs nearby, including a day at Beqa Lagoon, which is supposed to be one of the best shark dives in the world.

If you miss me from the peak of my blogging days, I still tweet a few times a day, often with news items you'd find interesting.  And plenty of stupid funny shit, too.

I'm planning to spend some time camming from January 2-5, because I don't need to work and will feel cute after getting getting a good tan in Fiji.  If you've been missing naked me, that's your next chance to catch me live.

Want to wish me a happy birthday?  I have an Amazon wishlist, and I would especially love anything marked "highest priority," like the SeaLife underwater digital camera, or if you want to be crowned my best fan ever, the $1400 underwater housing for my DSLR camera.  (I'd love to get into underwater wildlife photography, but I can't justify spending that much on a hobby when I'm making so little money right now.)  You can also help me while getting something great for yourself by buying closeout items - like lube, books, candles, washable menstrual pads, and strapon harnesses - from my sexy store.  And since SWAAY is still running at a net loss that I'm closer to erasing, you could also buy a pro-sex worker shirt or cute stickers from that store as a present to yourself or your favorite friends.

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