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"No one, but no one, has 'free choice'.  If you think otherwise, remind yourself what you wanted to be when you grew up, and reflect on how exactly you ended up where you are now.  Did you freely select from all career choices in the world, ever?  Or did you choose as best you could from the options offered by your abilities and (more crucially) your circumstances?  You know, like [famous pimp] Iceberg Slim did?

Some folks seem especially resistant to acknowledging the truth about work, so I'll underline it some more.  Entire towns in the North weren't full of miners because everyone there just happened to have the aptitude and preference for that sole job, but because it was the only job going.  NE Scotland isn't full of fishermen because they have a particular concentration of people whose life's dream was to catch fish, but because that's what the job market offers.  Everyone's outcome is the product of limited choices, from streetwalkers to the Queen.  And no one's suggesting she needs to be 'rescued' from her lack of career options.

If you want to improve someone's options, you address the things that constrain their choices in the first place.  Poverty, addiction, education, to name a few.  Not take away the only choices they have."

-- Dr Brooke Magnanti, in Radfems, racism, and the problem with "pimps" on

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