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I'm working on a few new blog posts, so no folks, I'm not dead yet.

In the mean time, you should support Drew at Toothpaste for Dinner and The Worst Things for Sale.  He's been posting pleas for people to buy merch (shirts, books, housewares, and original drawings), because like me, he doesn't know how much longer he can afford to entertain the internet for free.  I've never met the guy, and I get no financial kickback on sales in his store, but I love his work, and it's brought many a smile to my life.  Blogging isn't a (well-)paying job despite the myth that blogging = mega famous book deal = millions, and only a rare few people are able to parlay such adventures into jobs that can even pay the rent.  Check out Drew's store, buy something cute, and enjoy the years of comics he has posted on his site.  It's awkward, nerdy, pro-science, anti-pretentiousness, and all sorts of other good things.  Three of my favorites comics, the first of which I own as an original drawing:

And as always, remember to support people who create free stuff for the internet.

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