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"At least the Salvationists are up-front about their religious motivation.  If anything they tend, as individuals, to be considerably less judgemental than their ideologically-driven counterparts in the feminist movement.  As regards their motivation and objectives, there's little to choose between the two groups: they use the same language of degradation and objectification, and they share the same fundamentally conservative view of a woman's "proper" sexual role.  When it comes to sexual illiberalism, religious and feminist groups have long been in covert and sometimes overt agreement.  Yes, the Salvation Army probably at some level want to convert the women they rescue to Christianity.  But [British anti-sex worker group] Eaves want to convert them to their brand of doctrinaire feminism.  Is that really any better?"

-- The Heresiarch, in Feminists and Evangelicals compete to rescue fallen women on

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  1. I wrote about this recently as well ( and I really hope many others start doing so. Too many people who would instantly dismiss anti-sex proposals couched in the language of traditional religion (or even oppose Muslim dress codes and the like) will give "feminist" claims credence because they refuse to recognize them as innately religious in nature.

    Comment by Maggie McNeill — June 21, 2011 @ 8:26 am

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