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This is the second of three call-outs I'm posting this week for participation in SWAAY.  Also see my requests for tips for our clients on how to be respectful and ethical customers and advice on how to be a good ally to sex workers.

Alongside being reviled, sex workers are also mysterious, fascinating creatures, living just-outside-of-polite-society in a way that's seen as both repugnant and titillating.  People love barraging us with questions in search of juicy, dramatic stories and heartbreak: How do your parents feel about this?  Are you able to have a boyfriend?  Were you raped and molested as a child, and if so, can you recount the tale for my horror?

That sort of feeding frenzy isn't my cup of tea, but there's no denying the public's interest in who we are and why we're sex workers.  Since the overall goal of my new project is to humanize and educate, one component I'd like to include are short personal stories from all sorts of sex workers about our lives and what we think of our work.  The point of these personal stories is to humanize you, let you explain your decisions, and tell people what you want them to understand about your work and life.

Update: please visit the submissions page on

Edit to add:  This is open to sex workers only.  "Sex worker" does not include sex bloggers who derive personal satisfaction/sexual arousal from unpaid online exhibitionism.  I love sex blogs, but sex blogging is not sex work.

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