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"So, I want to quote from one of my personal heroes.  I was going to give you a quote from my friend Daniel Ellsberg, but I think that Moxie Marlinspike fits with this crowd a little more.  Right?  He’s a fantastic fellow and he really has inspired me.  I wouldn't be here today if it wasn’t for him.  He helped me engage with the world in a way that I couldn't previously understand.  And he says, “What about the truth has helped you?,” and I always give him countless examples.  And so what I want to hear from people is, on a regular basis, how the truth has helped them.  We have to dismiss with the cynicism.  Sincerity is the new black.  So tell me, has the truth helped you?  Write about this.  Publish it.  Tell people how it has helped you.


So when you're talking about how some information might be worth hiding, and maybe there's some times that some secrets should be kept, remember what you're saying is that someone else is more qualified to make a decision than you are.  This is an extremely anti-democratic thought process, and you should reject it.


Does anyone here believe that they don't have a right to know what’s going on?


I think a lot of anti-authoritarian types like to think that speaking truth to power is good, you know - you 'stick it to the man' and you show the man how it is.  Well, I think that's stupid.  Power knows power.  Because power's in power.  So what you need to do is empower yourself."

-- A few choice quotes from Jacob Appelbaum, a WikiLeaks volunteer, in his July 17th, 2010 keynote at The Next HOPE conference.  (I shot the photo above from back stage as he gave this presentation.)  Download the video, and other interesting nerdy talks, here - such as Jake's talk on TOR, where he implores the audience, "You should consider using your privilege to help other people."

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